Bolgheri Rosso
without added sulfites

Bolgheri rosso doc senza solfiti aggiunti 2022

Dive into the authentic essence of our Terre dei Ghelfi Bolgheri Rosso DOC without added sulfites, a wine created especially for lovers of natural products. This extraordinary creation celebrates the balance between the purity of nature and the passion of winemaking.

Our vineyards, cultivated with dedication and respect for the environment, yield red grapes rich in polyphenols, valuable natural antioxidants.

This gem of the earth pours into the glass with a deep and intense coral red color, capturing the imagination and preparing the palate for a unique experience.

The sincere aromas that fill the air evoke memories of freshly squeezed must, recalling the initial steps in the transformation process that will give life to this extraordinary wine. Every sip is a harmonious symphony of authentic and fragrant tastes, in which red and black fruit takes center stage, offering unparalleled sensory pleasure.

The deep color evokes the shades of the ocean, capturing the essence of its mystery and vastness. The enveloping aroma of red fruit gently caresses the nostrils, transporting the mind to a place of serenity and fullness. Each fresh and savory sip awakens the senses, offering an experience that embraces the soul and delights the palate.

With our Terre dei Ghelfi Bolgheri Rosso DOC without added sulfites, we invite you to discover a new approach to the world of wine, in perfect harmony with nature and yourself.

Grape Varieties:  Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah.
Alcohol Content: 14,5% vol.
Serving Temperature: 16°C.
Bottle Size:   0,75L

The deep coral red gently fades into purple tones. An exceptionally complex wine reveals itself through a deep and penetrating aroma. A harmonious blend of red and black fruits unfolds, while sweet spices contribute to an intriguing layer of depth. The bouquet concludes with a hint of vanilla. Its taste is guided by young and lively tannins, which provide a pleasant tension to the wine, mitigated by the passage of time.

This wine pairs well with highly flavorful dishes, both from the Tuscan tradition and international cuisine. It complements bread and oil, aged pecorino cheese, succulent and savory cold cuts, and legume soups. It’s excellent with pasta dressed in rich tomato-based sauces, lasagna, creamy risottos, grilled meats, and cheese served on a raclette.

The vineyards, estimated to be over 20 years old, are located in the municipality of Castagneto Carducci and are registered in the Bolgheri DOC appellation. They were among the first to be planted in this area.

The active layer of soil is deep, characterized by a sandy loam texture, with low organic matter and a slightly acidic tendency.


The finest grape clusters, each at the optimal phenolic ripeness, are handpicked and gently laid in small crates. After further manual selection on vibrating tables, destemming and crushing follow. Alcoholic fermentation is carried out by selected yeasts in stainless steel tanks at 28-30°C. After racking, only the flower wine is destined for Bolgheri Rosso DOC.

The aging continues in French oak barriques and in terracotta amphorae, where the malolactic fermentation is completed.

The refinement process continues in French oak barriques and terracotta amphorae, where the malolactic fermentation is completed.

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