Alberto Ghelfi

On 27 October 1961, Alberto was born in Mantua. His path was marked by a doctor father and a mother devoted to the family. The untimely death of his father could have diverted his destiny, but his resourcefulness drove him to seek his own path as an entrepreneur.

In 1993, with his wife, he started the production of medical stockings. A modest start, but with passion and determination, becoming a world leader in the production of Private Label medical stockings.

However, life dealt him a severe blow with the untimely loss of his wife due to a sudden illness. This tragedy could have extinguished his flame, but Alberto continued with commitment and dedication, taking the company to new heights of success.

In 2021, Alberto decided to realise a new project in Bolgheri, combining his passion for nature and the sea with entrepreneurship. Without hesitation, Alberto sought out the best professionals of that land, finding in them the empathy necessary to realise his philosophy of life: the pursuit of excellence.

Terre dei Ghelfi is the embodiment of his passion and a testimony to resilience. This is the story of a man and his extraordinary achievements, but it is also the story of those who believe in dreams and the strength to pursue their vision.


“Knowing that perfection may not be attainable, I take pleasure in producing excellence.”

firma alberto

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