At Terre dei Ghelfi, sustainability is at the core of all activities at the farm and country resort. We firmly believe that respect for the environment and the protection of natural resources are fundamental to ensuring a better future. Our every decision and practice is geared towards minimising environmental impact, preserving the beauty and health of our land.

The estate

At Terre dei Ghelfi, we constantly strive to combine tradition and innovation to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural model. Our vision is based on adopting ecological farming practices that not only preserve nature, but also enhance it.

Vigna Castagneto Carducci

We protect the environment with innovative agricultural techniques, including sub-irrigation, which significantly reduces water waste, as water is delivered directly to the roots of the plants, avoiding evaporation and soil leaching.

This system not only optimises water use, but also promotes healthier and more robust crop growth.

Terre dei Ghelfi has embarked on an important path towards environmental sustainability and natural production. Our farm is currently undergoing organic conversion for wine production. This process reflects our commitment to respect and protect the local ecosystem by promoting cultivation methods that exclude the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilisers.

During the conversion, we continue to work with passion and dedication to ensure that each bottle of wine authentically expresses the character of our terroir, while maintaining an ecological and sustainable approach.

In line with our principles, we have created the first Bolgheri red wine without added sulphites. This choice reflects our dedication to production methods that respect the environment and the health of our customers.

Our red wine with no added sulphites is the result of careful and innovative agricultural practices that aim to preserve the purity and natural integrity of the grapes. By eliminating sulphites, we reduce the chemical impact on our production and offer a product that is as authentic as it is sustainable.

The Country Resort

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every detail of the Country Resort. We have adopted eco-friendly building practices and innovative technologies to minimise our environmental impact, creating an oasis that respects and celebrates nature.


All building renovations were carried out using environmentally friendly products and materials, such as locally sourced stone.

Certified in energy class A4 and equipped with a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system, the heating and hot water systems in the resort are powered by solar panels.

In line with our philosophy of reducing waste, we have installed a water and ice dispenser accessible to our guests at all times.

To complete our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint, the resort has an electric charging point for our guests’ private vehicles and electric bicycles.

Terre dei Ghelfi- drone

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